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Tired of Unexpected Tax Surprises?

93% of small businesses overpay their taxes.

Navigating the tax landscape is challenging, and without the right guidance, businesses and individuals may overpay, face IRS controversies, or miss out on potential tax benefits.

  • Do you feel like you overpaid your taxes this year?
  • Does tax documentation seem complex and overwhelming?
  • Are you missing out on tax-saving secrets?

We help our clients add significant wealth :

  1.  Without increasing income.
  2.  Without growing their business, and
  3.  Without reducing their lifestyles.
What if you could turn tax savings into your retirement?

Using tax savings to invest or reduce debt is like playing with house money.

Our average client saves thousands every year in taxes.

Whatever you do with your new tax savings – vacation, reduce debt, invest, etc. – is up to you. You earned it. Our select strategic alliances open opportunities to our clients that are usually reserved for elite investors. Imagine building your retirement with money you expected to lose to taxes. 

Start with a strategy session

We identify potential savings and credits and discuss the steps to turn them into money in your account.

Take the guesswork out

Best guesses are for gamblers. And if you’re like us, you’d rather make money than lose it.


Forward-action tax planning

Using a proven framework, we’ll craft a tax plan designed to get actual results. No matter the industry, our savings-focused framework has already helped other businesses double and even triple their tax savings. 

Turn your plan into savings

Good planning can’t survive bad communication. We work with your accounting team to get the job done.

“Your taxes shouldn’t be a mysterious black box.

I built TaxRx Group to give you access to tax strategies used by the ultra-wealthy.”


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Dr. Jeannie Moody
Moody Orthodontics

TaxRx Group helped my practice save money. Their team is receptive, experienced, and professional.

Shane Warburton, CPA
CFO Ortho

I have worked with several Research and Development Credit companies over the years, but the Tax Rx Group has been by far the best. They have a great team of industry experts to help with these complex tax credits. We recommend working with Tax Rx.

John Bender, MD
Miramont Wellness

The TaxRx system resulted in a significant savings. We were able to amend our taxes to receive a larger benefit than expected. 

Our Expert Tax Services

You’re ready to stop overpaying your taxes. Here’s how we can help.


Building Your TaxRx

Building your TaxRx gives you more than clarity – it’s a focused dive by our team to make sure that you leave nothing on the table.


R&D Credits, ERC, or Cost Segregation

Already have a good tax planning foundation? Our team of industry-leading experts handles the heavy lifting for accountants and business owners. 

Your Path to Tax Savings

1) Schedule a Call

We’ll ask a few simple questions. You’ll tell us what you need. We’ll discuss options. Simple as that.

2) Build Your Tax Solution

We’ll develop a tax solution that fits your unique needs. So you can be confident that what you’re doing is actually going to work.

3) Get Results

When you invest in something, it should work. That’s why we work hard to shoulder the heavy lifting and guide your accounting team.

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Imagine having a crystal-clear tax solution your entire team can rally around.

Imagine feeling confident that you’re not overpaying your taxes.

That’s the power of expert tax solutions with TaxRx.

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