Introduction Dr. Anderson, a dentist and owner of a successful dental practice, sought to maximize tax benefits and reduce expenses for his office. Through consultation with TaxRx Group, the healthcare specialists for tax credits, Dr. Anderson discovered the Augusta Rule—a tax provision that presented significant opportunities for his dental office.   Understanding the Augusta Rule Read More
Understanding the Augusta Rule The Augusta Rule, also known as the Augusta Exemption, is an important provision within the tax code that can benefit dental office owners. It allows individuals to rent their personal residences to their businesses for specific purposes, such as short conferences, remote meetings, or other qualifying activities, without triggering tax consequences. Read More
Introduction This case study will delve into the application of cost segregation, explaining the concept of cost segregation, and its significance for orthodontic offices.   What is Cost Segregation? Cost segregation is a strategic tax planning technique that involves identifying and reclassifying specific components of a commercial property to optimize depreciation deductions. The objective is Read More