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We’ve got you covered


If TaxRx Group, LLC makes any errors in computing your credit, filing your credit, or submitting your credit to your payroll provider for inclusion on your quarterly payroll tax returns, we will do what it takes to fix the error, including the preparation of amended returns, preparation of corrections and explanations to your CPA and/or the IRS in order to resolve the issue.

We will also provide you and/or your accountant with free audit guidance to help respond to any IRS inquiry related to R&D Credits that were prepared by TaxRx Group, LLC. Although we can provide such audit support to your accountant in case of an audit, TaxRx Group, LLC is not able to provide legal advice nor are we authorized to represent you directly with the IRS.

TaxRx Group, LLC will not reimburse you for any penalties or interest that are due as a result of any of the following:

  • False, inaccurate, or incomplete information provided by you to TaxRx Group, LLC.

  • Failure by your accountant to follow the instructions to incorporate the credit into the tax return.

  • Financial Data includes bank account information, credit card information, and other payment instrument information

  • Rejection or modification of a research activity by IRS investigator.

  • Failure by your accountant to file a complete and accurate tax return by the due date.

  • Your failure to correct or resolve errors that are pointed out to you that may be required in order to complete the preparation of the credit.

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