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By using our websites, and those of companies used to provide services on behalf of Aegis Lion Law, you consent to the collection, use, storage, transmission, and disclosure of your personal information in accordance with this Aegis Lion Law Technology and Privacy Policy (the "Policy"). In the Policy, You means you, the user, visitor, and client ("You" and "Your"), while We and Us means Aegis Lion Law.



When you visit our websites, and those of companies that provide services on behalf of Aegis Lion Law (the "Websites"), Aegis Lion Law and our service providers may collect your IP address.  We may record what pages you visit and for how long, how you arrived at our site, where approximately you are located (according to IP addresses), what kind of operating system you are on if you are using a cell phone or tablet to access the site, and what types of media you view on our site.

We may collect anonymous statistics about how visitors use our website to better tailor the knowledge information we provide to meet our visitors' needs. We may use this information to manage our website, develop valuable knowledge publications, seminars, and events and to ensure we are keeping our technology upgraded to sufficiently meet your needs.



Aegis Lion Law does not use cookies. The companies and service providers that provide services on behalf of Aegis Lion Law may use cookies, and this use is governed by each service provider's terms of service and privacy policy. Your acceptance of the Policy also constitutes your acceptance of the terms of use and privacy policies of the Aegis Lion Law service providers.



We use forms so you may voluntarily provide us with your personal information. If you provide us with your personal information, we may use your personal information to provide services and to understand how you use our website and online tools. By completing our forms, you provide us with your consent to use the information in this manner. 

We will use the information for the purposes for which you requested. In some cases, we may provide your information to a third party we engage to assist us in the provision of services to you. 



We may have links on our website to other sites and resources that provide information or materials we feel interests you. We are not responsible for the contents or security of those sites or the collection, use and disclosure of your personal information on those sites. We also disclaim any responsibility for the information or your reliance on the information contained on web pages and sites accessible through external links.



We communicate with you regarding our services, publications, and events in various ways, including by email.  If you received an email from us, your email address is either listed with us as someone who has expressly shared this address for the purpose of receiving information in the future or you have an existing relationship with us. We respect your time and want to ensure we only send information to you that you will find valuable. We will always permit you to unsubscribe or opt-out of receiving these emails.



We collect statistics about how you use our email communication to better tailor the information we provide to your needs. These statistics include when you open our emails, forward them, click through links, and download files. If you use a link in an email from us that directs you to a page on our website, we will be able to associate your email address with that specific visit to our website.



Email is an inherently vulnerable form of communication. When information is transmitted by email, it is broken into packets of data that flow between servers over the internet. Technologies exist that allow interested parties to spy, sniff, and sort through packets of information transmitted by email without your consent.

While Aegis Lion Law will make commercially reasonable efforts to maintain the security and confidentiality of information transmitted by email, you waive your expectation of confidentiality on any and all information transmitted between you, Aegis Lion Law, and any person or entity delivering services for or on behalf of Aegis Lion Law.



You consent to your personal information and any related data collected by Aegis Lion Law and any person or entity delivering services on behalf of Aegis Lion Law being stored, duplicated, or located on servers located outside of the USA. You also consent to your personal information and any related data being transmitted outside of the USA, even when transmitted between destinations located within the USA. Personal information and data located or transmitted outside of the USA will be subject to the laws of other jurisdictions. 



If you provide us with your personal information for the purposes of receiving emails, opening a file, or receiving legal services, you have "opted-in" to our communications and accepted the terms of this Policy.

If we send you an announcement, invitation, message or service related email and you do not "opt-out" of receiving emails or the specific type of communication, including commercial electronic message, you are deemed to have accepted and consented to this Policy. You may opt-out of receiving commercial electronic messages by using the unsubscribe mechanism included in the email.

If you are a client or prospective client of Aegis Lion Law, you may opt out of and decline your acceptance of this Policy by delivering written notice of your intent to opt-out and decline the Policy to Aegis Lion Law. If you opt-out and decline your acceptance of this Policy, Aegis Lion Law may, at its sole discretion, end any client and solicitor relationship that may exist between You and Aegis Lion Law or change the fee or quote to reflect the additional costs incurred by Aegis Lion Law in delivering services using alternate terms, policies or service providers.

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